Monday, November 13, 2006

Hi Mr. Thompson Everybody,

This picture is of the storm clouds that appeared after I got home from protesting outside the welsh assembly earlier this year, it was truely amazing how quickly they formed.

Here then Mr. Thompson is todays email to the chairman of Cardiff County Council and uncle Tom n All 13/11/06.

To the Chairman of Cardiff County Council

Hello Mr. Berman everybody,

I trust that you have been keeping up to date with the blogs that I have been placing on blogger Mr. berman?

I want to ask you today if you can explain the delay in my receiving a corporate complaint number from council officials. If you ask Judith Woodman you will note that I have been chasing this up for a long time now, longer that what anyone would consider to be Best Practice.

It is unfortunate that I have no Assembly Member that I am aware of willing to act on my behalf in any consistent fashion or my MP doing the same, in fact, if you look into the history of this victimization claim, you will find that in Dec 2005 my MP staff assured me that they would send a letter to the housing office regarding certain accusations against me. As that letter was never forthcoming I did it myself, way back in January of this year 2006.

We are nearly at Dec again and while I have supplied your organisation, the ombudsman and the Police with information likely to back up my claim that the person who made those accusations had not lived at the property for three years. Noone but noone has to my knowledge bothered to get hold of that information.

Now while council officials might like to play their games at my expense, I would like you sir to kick some of them up the backside so that corporate complaint number will be in my email this week. Because the ombudsman as you are only to well aware protects your council in its masinations. You might have a review on why so few County Councillors reply to emails on your e-democracy system Mr. Berman, because precious few have to me.

Good day one and all.
Are we all still proud of ourselves for this continued wilful neglect.

David Gabriel.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, victoradebowa

You ought to be aware that this is the general ammount of email co-receivers by now Mr. Thompson, you will also notice that some of your staff have recieved it. Now I have accused the BBC of Aiding and Abetting the Welsh Assembly in the Wilful Neglect of vulnerable adults. I am waiting to see if the BBC is going to prosecute me for Slander, as that appears the only reason as to why my notice and articles on your web site have been removed.

You should be aware that I have accused the Welsh Assembly of Malfeasance towards me, the Health Minister both incumbent and previous of Wilful Neglect and Cardiff County Council of victimization, the police refuse to investigate the claim of corporate fraud with respect to the rent revenue account, even if that account runs according to government strictures those strictures in themselves are under question, because its a rigged game they are playing and tenants both in the Social Landlord and private sector are the losers.

It is as plain as the nose on your face Mr. Thompson that the Water companies are excessively profiting out of houses of multiple occupancy, much like landlords with their rent yeilds, yet no one not even OFWAT have been willing to question these things.

While I was given assurances that the flat above the property where I live would not be let until it conformed to minimum standards for sound insulation they went ahead, the remedial work failed and they have done nothing since. But at that time the rent level was on its way to being double that of a non-divided house, and that from a social landlord??????????????????????Not only did they re-let it they sold it to the son of a bitch who'd been partying till 0400hrs everynight, till I lost my rag and then the tenant support team paid a £1,000. by the welsh assembly government osensibly to re-house me strung me along for three months, as far as I am aware did nothing in the way of finding me suitable alternate accomodation where I would not be subject to the antics of arseholes, and have some peaceful enjoyment when in my home.

I find it ironic that your BBC Radio Wales can interview members of the Welsh Assembly as if these people had some monopoly on goodness and virtue, when the plain truth is that they have in my oppinion none what so ever. Had I been the Chief Constable I might be looking to question Mrs. J. Morgan MP on withholding information likely to lead to a crimainal conviction, but I am not in that priveledged position.

I find it odd also that Mr. George Galloway MP does not use the platform he has on his Talksport Radio show to ask some of these questions. After all he has been a co-receiver of the emails that I have sent for some considerable time now. Such fundamental questions as the denying of certain Human Rights to me. The right to legal assistance in bring these charges to a court of law for just one.

Or your organisation refusal to seriously question Assembly Members or MP's on any of the issues I have raised. I sometimes wonder what the Director General of OFWAT gets paid for, because it sure isn't protecting the consumer, I also wonder what kind of Salary they earn, 'enough to buy shares eh Crazydave'

Love n Light Mr. thompson until next time Crazydave.

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